As a customer, do you query delivered lumens data when purchasing lamps?

- Mar 10, 2020-

The importance of lighting design

One way to solve these problems is to make the performance of lamps clearer through lighting design.

In order to create photometric files for professional lighting design (such as IES or LDT files), luminaries need to be photometric tested, usually by an independent third party.The photometric test measures the color, quality, and accurate lumens emitted by a luminaire in the field, not the total lumens at the source.This is where lighting design becomes an important factor. Lighting design provides you with a visual representation of the final appearance of the installation lighting solution, showing lex levels and spreading light at the application point.This provides a true indication of lighting performance before purchase, eliminating any ambiguous lumen figures.

Deliver the lux level and then compare back to the lighting design report to ensure you achieve the desired light level.