Benefits of High Bay Lighting Fixtures

- Sep 17, 2019-

First and foremost, next generation LED high bay lighting fixtures are outfitted with cutting edge thermal management technology built right into the fixture with our proprietary double-folded aluminum fin housing design that pulls heat away from the LED junction and dissipates it for lower operating temperatures and a longer lifespan for the fixture. This revolutionary approach to heat sink incorporates 75 square feet of aluminum outfitted with solid copper rods for maximum heat conductivity.

LED high bay fixtures can also be configured to provide near-perfect uniform lighting across all areas that are contained within a high bay facility. Industrial LED fixtures with different beam spread patterns can be combined within a single high bay facility to generate floor and facility lighting that has no shadows or dark spots. Moreover, the quality of lighting provided by LED fixtures is better at helping workers in those areas to see fine details and color contrasts on surfaces and materials in their work environments. In high-activity high bay areas, this feature of LED high bay lighting will reduce mishaps and errors that are caused by poor lighting in a work area.

Electrical utilities and maintenance costs will typically be significant operating expenses for high bay facilities. LED high bay lighting can provide substantial reductions in these expenses because of their greater efficiency, longevity, and durability. In most cases, a high bay facility can recover its LED retrofit costs from utility savings alone in under two years. The improved longevity and durability of LED lighting not only reduces overall maintenance costs, but also reduces a facility’s maintenance down time to improve overall productivity.