Durable led fixtures for oil field lighting

- May 07, 2019-

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has adopted strict standards for industrial oil field lighting. Those standards match the class, division, and group designations defined in the National Electrical Code and are designed to minimize explosion risks caused by incidental contact between flammable materials and ignition sources in electrical lighting. LED oil field lighting that meets or exceeds those standards is available for all areas of an oil field. Contractors and operators that rely on LED oil field lighting inevitably avoid OSHA violations while providing the safest and most effective illumination for their employees.

Well-lit work environments give employees the best chance to see the fine detail and contrasts in surfaces around them. LED oil field lighting is ideal for uniformity and reduction of shadows and dark areas. LED industrial lighting can be tuned to color temperatures that increase alertness, and to color rendering indices that most closely match natural sunlight. In every instance, LED oil field lighting gives oil field workers a better chance to perceive risks that might otherwise be hidden under imperfect lighting.

Even under the typical high-stress environments of working oil fields, LED industrial lighting will continue to generate strong illumination at a level that is at least 80% of its initial illumination level for up to 50,000 continuous hours of operation.Advanced thermal management engineering nearly doubles this to nearly 100,000 hours of continuous operation without light loss due to heat-induced degradation of the LED fixture. This durability reduces maintenance demands that can create unsafe conditions in an oil field. LED oil field lighting lasts longer, requires fewer maintenance technicians in the field, and the field will continue to operate at full capacity for longer periods of time.

LED oil field lighting generates the same or better illumination than traditional industrial lighting fixtures with less than half of the electrical energy input. An oil field’s utility costs and electricity consumption will be substantially lower with LED oil field lighting. Lower electricity consumption places lower demands on power generation plants, which helps reduce carbon footprints. Further, unlike traditional industrial light fixtures, no hazardous materials are incorporated into LED oil field lighting fixtures. Those fixtures are easily recycled with no hazardous waste generation when they reach the end of their useful lives.  

Energy production companies have responded to the demand for petroleum resources from an increasingly industrialized society over the past 100 years. During that time, those companies have been at the forefront of adopting new technologies to make their operations cleaner, safer, and more environmentally-friendly. LED oil field lighting comprises one of the more attractive technological improvements in recent years, and care LED in Columbus, Ohio, has been an industry leader in providing safe and effective LED technology for our energy producers.