- Feb 03, 2021-

What are cable glands?

Cable glands are cable connectors/fittings which are used for sealing the ends of cables and securing them tightly to other electrical equipment such as explosion proof junction box enclosures, electrical terminals, and plugs. Their benefit is that they can protect delicate electrical wiring from rust, corrosion, water, and harmful gases. The glands can be made of materials such as brass, brass nickel plated and SS316.

Cable glands need to match the environment in which they are being used in and are normally used in outdoor and hazardous environments. The harsher the environment or/and more important the cable is, the more robust the cable gland needs to be as it can be costly if anything goes wrong by using the wrong cable gland in the wrong environment.

ATEX certified cable glands

ATEX cable glands are specially developed for use in hazardous/corrosive environments. They would be able to protect electrical wiring from dust, dirt, water, and flammable gas. ATEX cable glands come in armoured and unarmoured versions. Some of these glands also follow the “Ex e” and “Ex d” standard, more information about these standards can be found here. It is necessary to use ATEX certified cable glands if you are installing them in hazardous/corrosive environments.