Halogen tungsten lamp

- Jan 07, 2020-

The halogen tungsten lamp works directly under the mains power.This kind of halogen tungsten lamp has double end, single end and double bubble shell.


The lamp is tubular with power of 100 ~ 2000W, and the corresponding diameter of the lamp tube is 8 ~ 10mm and the length is 80 ~ 330mm.This type of lamp is mainly used for indoor and outdoor flood lighting and general lighting.

Open bubble type single terminal halogen tungsten lamp is mainly used for window or display lighting and other occasions that need to control the light beam.

luminous efficiency

One of the characteristics of halogen tungsten lamp is higher light efficiency, compared with the corresponding ordinary incandescent lamp, light efficiency is much higher.In the halogen tungsten lamp, because the halogen tungsten circulation effectively prevents the bulb from blackening, the light maintenance rate of the halogen tungsten lamp in the life span is almost 100%.

color temperature and color rendering

Generally, the color temperature of halogen tungsten lamps used for lighting is 2800 ~ 3200 K.Compared with the ordinary incandescent lamp, the light color is whiter, the tone is also slightly cooler, the halogen tungsten lamp's color rendering is very good, the general color rendering index Ra=100.