Hazardous Locations Lighting

- Jun 30, 2020-

The lighting systems that you use for your location not only can put the company and the people at risk, but they can also reduce productivity. Hazardous locations lighting must adhere to compliance and safety standards to avoid threads and losses.

Sometimes the different terminologies about the fixtures and classifications, depending on the agency that approves the fixtures, might seem complicated and overwhelming; however, these classifications are necessary points and must be addressed, researched and understand to opt for suitable lighting solutions.

To follow the manufacturers’ instructions before you use safety lighting is mandatory. If considering the particularities of the location and using the required precautions the fixtures can prove to be effective and enhance workplace safety.

Lighting for hazardous locations is key to obtain the desired performance of the facilities and the workers, but it has also been a cause of many accidents. Knowing the facilities' environment, the combustible compositions and the applications enable a proper lighting for a safe and productive working environment. The standards used for the lighting systems have been built and tested with specific materials and components. Also, they set specific guidelines to ensure the safe use of the fixtures. Using the appropriate luminaire also contributes to fixture durability and heat build-up.