High Durability,Greater Mobility and Greater Efficiency

- Dec 24, 2019-

High Durability

An ex proof light typically has higher durability compared to its standard lighting counterpart. As explosion proof lighting fixtures are often built with sturdier and heavier materials, they are able to withstand harsher working environments. This means that explosion proof lights will not be as easily damaged as standard lighting fixtures which makes it a better option for operations in confined spaces. Therefore, the high durability of explosion proof lighting fixtures helps to reduce maintenance and furbishing costs for your business.


Greater Mobility

Thanks to being built with a stronger frame and thicker tempered glass lenses, explosion proof lights are highly resistant to vibrations. This allows for greater mobility as the ex proof lights can be transported from one place to another by forklifts or other transport machinery without the risk of getting damaged easily. On the other hand, standard lighting fixtures are not as mobile as even the slightest bumps or movement might cause them to be damaged and malfunction. As such, explosion proof lighting fixtures are more portable than standard lights, which makes it the ideal choice for businesses that require mobile illumination for operations.


Greater Efficiency

Explosion proof LED lights are more energy efficient compared to traditional lighting fixtures. An ex proof LED light consumes approximately 90 percent less energy than a standard lighting fixture. This means that explosion proof LED lights are capable of working at their original level of illumination and can last up to 100,000 hours. As such, explosion proof LED lights have longer lifespans than conventional lighting fixtures. Therefore, installing explosion proof LED lights will allow you to save on operation and production costs.