How Are LED Searchlights Used in Marine Locations?

- May 08, 2019-


How Are LED Searchlights Used in Marine Locations?

In marine locations, searchlights are frequently used to support a wide range of applications, projects and daily tasks. This type of light, which has been around since 1907, can come in spotlight beam configurations as well as infrared for nighttime viewing.

LEDs have revolutionized the way searchlights are built and deployed in marine areas. Below expounds on how LED searchlights are applied on boats, in military projects and commercial events along docks.

Patrolling, Inspections and Military Applications

The US Coast Guard and Navy recognizes the application of searchlights on boats. These units must be able to illuminate targets at specified distances, typically hundreds of feet away. Because of this, LED searchlights for official use on naval fleets leverage spot beams (spotlights). Reflectors inside the units may enhance light placement, resulting in increased accuracy.

Furthermore, marine searchlights may come with a strobing feature for signaling or emergencies. As mentioned previously, infrared LED searchlights are frequently utilized to support discreet viewing in low-light (nighttime) conditions. This feature is useful for tracking, nighttime observation and patrolling.

When applied on boats, searchlights rely on motors for light head movement. To ensure reliability, a manual emergency back-up function can be added, should the motor fail.

Commercial LED Searchlights

These days, LED searchlights can be found in festivals, outdoor events and advertising. Like a ‘batman signal’ the units mark a specific location, building, demonstration or site, which can be seen at far distances. For commercial use in marine locations, this type of LED light emits a highly concentrated beam upwards. Multiple LED spotlights can be utilized to create dazzling light effects during concerts, events at docks and during holiday celebrations.

Similar to boating applications, commercial LED searchlights may incorporate a motor to automate movement, further enhancing the effects of the units. Lastly, different light colors can be used for aesthetics.