How to choose LED lighting?

- Aug 24, 2017-

1, the quality of the chip
●  LED light source Excellent energy saving is that its light-emitting components are made of semiconductor materials, the chip is the core of LED lamp components, determines the LED product energy saving and long life characteristics;
●  LED energy-saving advantages in the high-end hotels, large-scale business with a large amount of light, with a long lamp place especially prominent, led light source compared to the traditional energy-saving lamp can bring more than 50% energy savings. (Top-hung lighting current products mainly using international well-known brand chip, to ensure product quality)
2. Drive Power
●  High-quality drive power can make the LED chip efficient work, high-quality drive Power has a stable, reliable, efficient, long life and so on;
●  The life of the power supply directly affects the life of the whole lamp, the LED chip is more than 50,000 hours in theory, the life of the power supply is 25,000-30,000 hours, and there is no good drive to guarantee the life of the LED light source.
3. Heat dissipation condition
●  Radiator Material: At present, the use of all aluminum heat dissipation;
●  Radiator structure: LED chip and substrate, external aluminum shell contact area and tightness will affect the chip temperature and heat dissipation effect; good heat dissipation structure design, can effectively enhance the effect of convection heat, help to reduce the chip working temperature, improve product life;
●  Radiator Area: Radiator area size Determines the heat dissipation effect, if the heat dissipation is not good, the chip at high temperature work will appear light failure, short life and other effects.

☆  LED Lights integrated light efficiency, the higher the value of the Lantern Festival can be better, it will save power, should choose LM High LED lamps;
☆  LED color index is generally in 70-90 (color-rendering excellent). ﹤70 color rendering is poor, should choose the color index high LED lamps;
☆  LED lamp life, now dropped to the initial luminous flux of 70%, that is, the life of the lamp hours, the choice of lamps of course, the greater the number of hours of life better;
☆  The consistency of color temperature is better;
☆  Thermal design Reference LM-80 report and Energy Star to 70% of the lumen maintenance rate requirements to ensure that led in the nominal maximum use of ambient temperature under the use of its led test point temperature is less than LM80 test temperature, to ensure that the light source life is greater than 25,000 hours.
☆  Select LED lamp should choose to eyes without glare, light softer, that is, the eyes will not feel uncomfortable, preferably with a milky white lampshade LED lights, the light is more gentle;
☆  LED lights in the use of switching power supply will not have any effect on the lamp, the number of lights will not affect the life of the lamp, which is the biggest difference with fluorescent lamp, is also an advantage of LED lights.