how to select the best LED lighting manufacturer that will meet your needs

- Jul 24, 2019-

Many quality LED lighting manufacturers have entered the market within the past ten years. Other companies, including Columbus, Ohio-based SpecGrade LED, have been in the market for thirty years or more and have pioneered many of the advances and innovations that are driving the market’s growth. Those well-established LED lighting manufacturers have the experience and know-how to solve design issues and to provide service that responds to your needs.

Some mass-market LED lighting manufacturers produce only a handful of bulbs, fixtures, and systems, which might force you to select a product that is a less-than-ideal fit for your application. Other companies are private-label distributors of products that are manufactured overseas. A product or system that is a good fit for your application will more likely be produced directly by a company that puts its name on the product, and that stands behind it with a strong warranty and effective

LED products and systems that have Energy Star, Design Lights Consortium (DLC), or Lighting Design Lab (LDL) ratings will have satisfied rigorous third-party testing and evaluation, and accordingly will be better-suited for applications that demand a higher-quality product. The LED products and systems you select will likely last longer and give better performance if the LED lighting manufacturer has received one or more certifications from one of these ratings agencies

ED lighting is a new and evolving technology. Although you may be able simply to install a new LED bulb in place of an existing incandescent fixture, the terminology that described LED’s as well as the technology that generates LED illumination can be confusing. To minimize confusion, look for an LED lighting manufacturer that has a well-trained staff to help you make the right product and system selections for your application.

Although LED prices continue to come down, the initial product and installation costs of LED lights can be higher than similar costs for traditional lighting systems. Still, you will likely be able to recover upfront costs in under two years, solely from reduced operating and utility costs that will come with a quality LED lighting system. If you choose a lower-cost or quality LED bulb, that bulb might not provide the performance you want or need over a long period of time. A higher-quality product might cost more, but in most cases it will give you longer service and better long-term economic performance. Balance quality and cost considerations for the optimum results when you are selecting LED lighting products.