Industry knowledge-led explosion proof light

- Dec 05, 2019-

Lamp type classification

Explosion-proof lamps are generally classified according to the selected light source, explosion-proof structure type and use mode. There are explosion-proof incandescent lamp, explosion-proof high-pressure mercury lamp, explosion-proof low-voltage fluorescent lamp, mixed light source lamp, etc. According to the type of explosion-proof structure, there are flameproof lamps, safety added lamps, compound lamps, etc. There are fixed explosion-proof lamps and portable explosion-proof lamps according to the use of classification.


According to explosion-proof type, it can be divided into five main types: flameproof type, safety type, positive pressure type, non-spark type and dust explosion-proof type.


Flameproof  d

All devices may be lit blow gas mixture components enclosed in a shell, the shell can withstand any shell joint surface or structure clearance, infiltrate into the inside of the shell of combustible mixture in the internal explosion damaged, and can guarantee the internal fire flame gas travels through the gap in lower energy, not enough to set off the shell of gas.


Increased safety type e

Under the condition of normal operation does not produce the electrical equipment of the electric arc, spark some JiaCuo attached to improve its safety degree, prevent the internal and external components may appear dangerous temperature, electric arc and spark the possibility of explosion-proof type, further mining take protective measures in the structure, improve equipment reliability and safety performance.

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