Intelligent Lighting Controls for Warehouse Environments

- Jul 02, 2019-

Intelligent warehouse lighting control systems generally include four elements that account for their popularity in modern warehouses:

  • First, they include intelligent distributed control systems that determine where and when light will be provided in a warehouse. Distributing light and directing power only to those fixtures that are required to be lit will lead to substantial cost savings in every warehouse operation.

  • Second, they will include a broad range of LED fixtures to provide the best CCT lighting throughout a warehouse.

  • Third, they include sensors that react to environmental conditions and activity in different areas of a warehouse. These sensors will also be connected to software monitoring systems that give a warehouse operator a regular picture of how light is being used and distributed through a warehouse.

  • Fourth, they network LED lights in a manner that allows fixtures to communicate and respond to different lighting demands with a maximum of efficiency across an array of those fixtures.