“It’s hard to imagine a more trustworthy partner”

- Aug 13, 2019-

The team at Cray is extremely proud of our commitment to deliver the highest standards of quality in everything we do.  This pride is extended to our partners and distributors and we are pleased to have been working alongside ATEX Workshop for the last few years.

ATEX Workshop is Cary primary and leading supplier of our SLAM products in the Netherlands and are the first company to be DERKA certified for repair and maintenance of flameproof (Ex d), empty enclosures (Ex e), encapsulated (Ex m), powder filled (Ex q) and dust portable electrical equipment and lighting fixtures. ATEX Workshop’s mission is to ensure clients receive the most suitable and effective products in order to safely perform duties in challenging EX-areas and this is closely aligned to the entire philosophy of Cary.

As a very well structured and efficient organization, ATEX Workshop complement our services extremely well and have been doing a superb job of tracking KPIs on our partnership.  The numbers are impressive, in fact ATEX Workshop confirmed that 100% of all deliveries from cary have arrived on time in the last six months.

Rob van den Berg, Managing Director of ATEX Workshop said, “It is a real pleasure to work with a company that is so reliable. You can trust Carys products work as advertised, and you can be certain you will get what your ordered right on time.  Reliable shipments are mission-critical with our customers as business nowadays is extremely fast paced and time-driven. With 99.1% on-time deliveries in 2018 and 100% so far in 2019, it is hard to imagine a more trustworthy partner.”

To further improve relationships and increase knowledge on Carys  range of ATEX lighting, our Business Development Manager, Cary was delighted to deliver practical, first-hand SLAM and SLAM FIXED training to Rob and the ATEX workshop team, which has strengthened an already strong partnership.

Carys Senior Technology Manager, Tarmo Rintala is extremely pleased with the efficiencies carried out by both companies and he said: “I am really pleased to see the positive impact of having a valuable working relationship between the team here at Cary and ATEX Workshop.   Prompt deliveries ultimately allows clients to conduct their work efficiently and builds trust in our service as well as our products which to remain competitive is imperative.”