Led high mast light

- Jul 13, 2020-

With the rapid development of modern urban traffic, more and more street lights are on both sides of the road, and LED high mast light is becoming the mainstream product of street lights in many cities. With strong illumination brightness, large illumination range and low energy requirement, LED high mast light has been rapidly promoted and used because of its strong environmental adaptability. Lead high mast light is a street lamp made of LED light source. It has many unique advantages, such as high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response, high color rendering index and so on. It is of great significance for energy saving of urban lighting.

Led high mast light features

LED street lamp is different from conventional street lamp. The LED light source uses low voltage DC power supply and high efficiency white light synthesized by GaN-based power blue LED and yellow. It has the unique advantages of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response speed and high color rendering index. It can be widely used in roads. The outer cover can be made with high temperature resistance up to 135 degrees and low temperature resistance up to - 45 degrees.

Key Points of Led High Mast Light Procurement

Luminous efficiency

With the maturity of technology, high-power LED light source has been able to meet the needs of general street lamps. The light efficiency of high-pressure sodium lamp is 100LM/W. The commonly used high-power LED is 50-60LM/W. The higher the light efficiency is, the better the energy-saving effect is. This is also one of the most important indicators for selecting LED street lamp. However, the standard of LED does not specify this, so it must be carefully confirmed when purchasing LED street lights.

Dissipate heat

Because LED is a semiconductor component, when its wafer is affected by temperature and reduced to 30% of the initial luminous flux, it will lose the illumination significance, that is, the end of life. In theory, the life of high-power LED street lamp is 30-50,000 hours, but its important premise is good heat dissipation.

Self weight problem

Due to the high technical content and complex composition of LED street lamps, the weight of some high-power lamp heads will far exceed that of ordinary high-pressure sodium lamps, so the corresponding supporting materials are more demanding.

Led high mast light application site

LED street lights are mainly used for road lighting, such as main roads, secondary roads, branches, factories, schools, gardens, city squares, courtyards and so on.