LED lighting industry six major technical trends, the most suitable?

- Aug 24, 2017-

In the real economy continues to decline, led industry has experienced a round of jaw-dropping development, the entire industry in the past few years doubled growth, in one swoop to become the world's most beautiful "potential shares."

Throwing away many big-name manufacturers of terminal siege warfare, Deep Purple, small spacing, backlight, flip, strong package, large heat dissipation, small drive, intelligent control, fluorescent powder, silica gel and other fields of development momentum is also encouraged, more and more capital into the "led industry Army", more G9 small bulbs and other black technology frequency.

In the future, led industry will further enhance the industry aggregation degree, advantageous resources will be closer to the dominant enterprises. Feast at the same time, we also have to ponder over, LED products are dazzling homogeneity of serious, product price uneven competition, enterprises and how to find a new way out?

New technology stealth force, led market increasingly fierce competition, led innovative application prospects, LED intelligent lighting is rising, led industry in the road.

First, the chip and packaging links developed rapidly. Optical efficiency in the promotion, flip chip, High-voltage chip, COB, EMC, CSP packaging technology have developed. Domestic and foreign device products all start to spell Light module component products, especially IC integrated products, system integration, modular and so on. 30W The following cob devices are still market mainstream products, there is likely to be substantial growth in the future.

Second, although the first two years of the device factory has thrown out the development of CSP and flip-wire package of the sound, but this year finally began to become popular. Straight down backlight, TV-oriented products already have CSP products. For example, CSP packaging product imitation cob form, a number of small devices combined with string, according to the size of the application can be infinitely assembled. In addition, this year and highlighted refers to the relevant phosphor products market performance outstanding.

Third, the EMC device product imitation integrated packaging mode made of high-power miner's lamp and floodlight gradually favored. Automotive Lighting Modular development, market stability to be expanded, such as headlights and turning lights are a very attractive market cake.

Finally, intelligent lighting scheme, home and business place intelligent solutions, etc. become market incense potatoes. Intelligent lighting is becoming more and more popular, is the trend is also a challenge, the current "app+ lamp + Control system" of the way, the products from the lamp to software, system self-contained, there is no unified standard or agreement, can not be interconnected, this is a major drawback of development constraints.

Five, the filament lamp more mature, many enterprises rely on technology leadership, production and marketing around the world, the market has soared, sapphire substrate filament and so on to replace the old-fashioned black silk lamp main products.

VI, Ultraviolet LED light applications, plant lighting applications, such as more and more, the popularization rate is also increasing, such as UV LED application in security, disinfection, curing and other fields. These led subdivision potential market is huge, but all need large-scale application to further explore market opportunities.

Today, chip packaging technology advantages appear, industrial equipment rapid expansion, display field extension, backlight small spacing leading, intelligent lighting gradually lead the tide. Plant lighting, medical lighting, agricultural lighting and other segments of the market scale is gradually expanding, and has been the industry's attention.

In short, LED lighting of the feast of all kinds of new products have flocked, the fresh lighting ecological circle is quietly remodeling ...