LED Solutions for Parking Lot Lighting

- Aug 14, 2019-

Car dealers and other businesses that show their products in outdoor locations might pay more attention to parking lot lighting than other commercial enterprises, but for most businesses, parking lot lighting is an afterthought. Yet, the first and last impression that a customer or client receives about a business will be formed in that business’s parking facility.  

Cary LED understands the importance of parking lot lighting. Our LED parking lot lighting systems will improve the overall environment of a parking facility by providing uniform lighting that eliminates shadows and dark spots, and that conveys a better sense of safety and security to a business’s customers and clients.

Cary has just introduced the industry’s first Driver-on Board (DoB) parking lot lighting (site lighting).  With wattages ranging from 25W to as high as 300W at an efficacy of 120lm/W we have eliminated the weakest link of the LED system; the traditional driver.  The DoB system has the driver built into the circuit board. By doing this we have reduced the price, made maintenance easier, and increased the overall life of the driver.