LED Technology for Offshore Oil Rig Lighting

- Sep 16, 2019-

First and foremost, LED oil rig lighting is the safest form of lighting for the hazardous and extreme conditions that are omnipresent on every offshore oil rig. Industrial LED lighting is available that can withstand Class I, II and III hazardous location conditions, which include flammable airborne vapors, dust, and fibers, as well as the corrosive marine salt water environments around those rigs. Modern LED industrial fixtures have rugged, explosion-proof construction and tempered glass lenses that virtually eliminate the risks of an ignition source, such as an electrical spark, coming into contact with a flammable substance. In addition to being explosion-proof, those fixtures are more durable and able to withstand physical bumps and mechanical shocks from the industrial machinery commonly found on oil rigs.

Good visibility is critical to maintain the safety of workers on an oil rig. The quality of light generated by LED oil rig lighting is superior for visibility, color rendering, and contrast in the often cramped conditions of a typical oil rig. LED oil rig lighting also comes to full illumination almost immediately after it is powered on, which eliminates downtime or gaps when workers would need to remain idle while more traditional light sources come to full illumination.

A typical offshore oil rig will have thousands, if not tens of thousands of individual light bulbs, all of which draw significant amounts of electrical power for proper operation. LED oil rig lighting can provide the same or better illumination as traditional metal halide or high pressure sodium light sources with up to 90% less electrical power consumption. Because they are more durable and able to generate quality illumination for more than 50,000 hours of continuous operations, LED oil rig lighting will also reduce a rig’s lighting maintenance costs. Oil rig operators that have upgraded to LED lighting have reported annual electricity costs savings in the tens of thousands of dollars, and maintenance cost reductions on the order of several hundreds of thousands of dollars. With LED oil rig lighting, a rig operator that upgrades to LEDs will create a safer workplace environment while simultaneously saving substantial operating and maintenance expenditures.