Led warehouse lighting

- Jul 14, 2020-

Led warehouse lighting is a very important lamp. It is widely used in warehouse, supermarket, exhibition hall, gym and indoor stadium. Led Warehouse Lighting uses special design and advanced technology to meet the needs of long-term lighting. It has made relevant 

improvements in power saving, environmental protection and dust prevention, which makes it extremely suitable for a workplace such as warehouse. 

Different Led warehouse lighting has great differences in material, design and performance. We should understand our actual needs and make serious choices. With the development of technology, more new products and designs will emerge in Led Warehouse Lighting. The market of Led Warehouse Lighting will further expand. As an important category of LED lighting industry, the importance of Led Warehouse Lighting will be further enhanced.

Notes for Led Warehouse Lighting

1. To meet the requirements of lighting illumination of warehouse, generally speaking, the ground illumination of warehouse should not be less than 50 lux, so as to facilitate the identification of cargo labels, etc.

2. Energy-saving: Intelligent control of lighting system and double-way lighting of warehouse can be realized. One road can be closed during the day and two roads can be opened at night to realize energy-saving.

3. Safety: Explosion-proof lamps and lanterns with waterproof, dust-proof and corrosion-proof properties should be adopted to ensure the safe operation of lamps and lanterns.

4. Long life: In order to avoid the increase of later maintenance cost and ensure timely maintenance and replacement of lamps, we should choose lamps with long life and high stability.

5. Restart: Consider the lamp that can be restarted instantaneously to avoid the long delay time of the lamp.

Led Warehouse Light Purchasing Method

Our first consideration is the safety of LED lamps, safety is the first. Lighting is required to have a certain level of IP, closed electrical circuit, low security risks and fault points. Only in this way can the LED lamps work normally and safely.

The LED lamps used in the warehouse of our choice have a long life. Because for warehouse this place, it is not appropriate to change lamps frequently, which will increase the cost, not cost-effective, it is best to choose a stable, long life LED lamps. Zhongguang lamps and lanterns 50,000 H standard matching, after-sale cost is extremely low. Lighting supports lifting and ceiling installation.

In addition to the safety and long life of LED lamps, we also need to consider the energy saving of LED lamps. For warehouse lighting, it is better to use double-way warehouse lighting, which can close one way in the daytime and open two ways in the evening to save electricity effectively.