Lighting system of the factory

- Jan 17, 2020-

Composition of factory lighting system: a complete factory lighting system consists of general lighting, regional lighting, local lighting and special working lighting.

General lighting: used to produce more uniform illumination on the work surface of the area under consideration.

Principles of general lighting

The uniformity of illumination is sufficient if the ratio of the minimum illuminance to the average illuminance is more than 0.8 at any given working position.

Fluorescent or high-intensity discharge lamps should be used as light sources.Whether to use the former or the latter, mainly according to the installation height to decide.

Installed at a height of 2.5-4m, the luminaires can be fluorescent lamps that are parallel to the window or line of sight but perpendicular to the rows of workbenches and machines.It can not only avoid creating unpleasant shadows on the visual work surface, but also reduce the chance of light multiplier reflection into the worker's eyes.The installation height of the luminaire is between 4-7m, and the suspended reflective fluorescent luminaire can be used to make it 4m above the ground.

The installation height of lamps is above 6m, and HID (high intensity gas discharge lamp) lamps can be selected. Due to the large power and luminous flux, the number of lamps can be reduced, making installation, operation and maintenance more economical.