lighting systems are readily adaptable to self-storage facilities

- Jul 26, 2019-

Remote self-storage facilities are the easy solution for those possessions. Operators of those facilities need to provide safe and secure environments to attract good tenants and to minimize their liability for lost, stolen or damaged goods. Proper lighting is the best way to accomplish this, and LED lighting systems are the best lighting solution for self-storage facilities.

Good lighting is often cited as the first security feature that tenants look for when selecting a self-storage facility. A well-lit storage facility will be less attractive to thieves or vandals. It will also improve the quality of any video- or CCTV-surveillance that an operator installs at the facility. Proper lighting also reduces an operator’s insurance liability and premiums. Insurance underwriters know that dimly-lit self-storage facilities are easy targets for opportunistic thieves. Since better lighting contributes to lower theft risks, that lighting leads to lower insurance costs.   

Most self-storage facilities also do not have onsite managers who keep regular hours at the facilities, which further emphasizes the need for reliability and durability in lighting systems. Lastly, self-storage facilities need to control fixed costs in order to remain competitive and to provide good service at a low rental rate for tenants.

LED lighting is superior to traditional metal halide or high-pressure sodium lighting in other important respects. Unlike those legacy technologies, LED lights come to full illumination almost immediately after being powered on. LED lighting systems have more versatile control capabilities that enables an operator to manage how and when individual fixtures are powered on and off, even from remote locations. Most importantly, they generate light fields that are more similar to natural lighting, which gives tenants the best illumination possible.

Next generation LED systems also come with multiple beam and diffusion options that can be mixed and matched, and configured to eliminate shadows and dark spaces around a self-storage facility. Optimum security is achieved when all areas of the facility are uniformly lit in this manner.

LED lighting systems have improved the safety and efficiency in large warehouse operations, and those improvements are readily ported over to self-storage facilities that are illuminated with LED lights. Warehouse operators have discovered that forklift operators and dock employees can see warehoused goods more clearly under LED lights. Self-storage facility tenants will similarly be able to see their own storage units and the contents of those units more clearly with LED lighting.

Utility expenses are typically a large variable cost for facility operators. LED lighting can reduce a facility’s electricity consumption by more than half while generating the same or better illumination than traditional fixtures. LED fixtures also last, on average, more than 50,000 hours and in some cases more than 100,000 hours. For self-storage facilities that are located in environments with inclement weather, an LED system with sealed luminaires will have better durability and will be able to withstand weather and precipitation extremes.