Main applications- led explosion proof light

- Jan 06, 2020-

Because all kinds of electric light source in luminous efficiency, life, color, and other aspects of the difference, so in the application site is also different. Although light efficiency of general illume bulb is low, but it does not need any annex, cost is low, use convenient, apply in a large number accordingly the place of all sorts of indoor and outdoor general illume, it is a kind of illuminant that USES most extensively. Another kind of illuminant is fluorescent lamp, its luminous efficiency is 4 ~ 5 times than common illume bulb, the life is 3 times more than common illume bulb, can achieve even more than 10 thousand hours, because this is applied extensively in the illume of office building, market, residence.

Because the light efficiency of halogen tungsten lamp is higher than general lighting bulb, the volume is small, can be used in high illumination occasions, for construction site construction lighting, news, cinematography lighting. Low-pressure halogen tungsten lamps have been used in shopping malls and home lighting.

High pressure sodium lamp and low pressure sodium lamp are high light efficiency, long life light source, although its color performance is poor, but still widely used in the road, square, wharf, station lighting, and continue to replace a large number of high pressure mercury lamp.

Metal halide lamp is a new type of light source developed on the basis of high pressure mercury lamp in 1960s. Because of its high light efficiency, good color rendering, suitable for high illumination, high color rendering of the place, such as tall factory buildings, bustling commercial center, streets, stadiums and other large area lighting. The low-power metal halide lamps developed in recent years have been used as general lighting in shopping malls.

The electric light source is also applied to the photochemical reaction in the chemical industry, the rapid drying of the surface coating; Insect luring, fishing and artificial breeding in agriculture; National defense, science and technology, medical and health care and so on.