Maintenance of LED explosion-proof light

- Dec 10, 2019-

1.Periodically and remove dust and dirt in explosion-proof lamp housing to improve luminaire luminous efficiency and thermal performance. Methods according to the housing protection ability of the lamp, clean water (lamp above mark Yin) or wipe with a wet cloth. When the water jet cleaning, should cut off the power, the use of dry cloth is strictly prohibited to scrub the lamp plastic case (transparent), to prevent static electricity.

2.Check that the transparent part of the tracking has been affected by external objects to protect the network from loosening, unwelding, corrosion, etc. If so, it should be stopped, repaired and replaced in time.

3.Light damage should be promptly turned off, change notice, in order to avoid due to the light source can not start and ballast electrical components such as abnormal state for a long time.

4.Before installation, the explosion-proof lamp shall check from the nameplate and the product specification: explosion-proof type, category, level and group; Protection class of the enclosure; Installation method and fastener requirements for installation, etc.

LED explosion-proof floodlight installation to ensure that the fixation is solid, fastening bolts shall not be arbitrarily replaced, spring washer should be complete. Dustproof, waterproof seal ring installation to be placed as is. At the cable inlet, the cable and seal gasket should be closely matched, the cable section should be round, and the sheath surface should not be concave and convex defects. The redundant inlet port shall be sealed according to the explosion-proof type, and the compression nut shall be tightened to seal the inlet port.