Metal halide lamp

- Jan 08, 2020-

Main components

The metal halide lamp mainly consists of arc tube, outer bubble shell, lamp holder and filling gas.The lamp caps of metal halide lamps mainly have single ends (e26/27, e39/40, G12) and double ends (Rx7S).

Double-ended metal halide lamp

The arc tube of the double-ended metal halide lamp is nearly spherical and filled with halides of rare earth metals (dysprosium, titanium and thulium). The color of the light is close to sunlight. The color temperature is 5600 ~ 6000 K, the color rendering is >90, and the light effect is >80 lm/W.

Single-ended metal halide lamp

Single-ended metal halide lamp is the most commonly used metal halide lamp for general lighting.The 70W and 150W lamps have a color temperature of 4000 K and a color rendering index of 80 and 85, respectively.They are ideal for interior display and lighting.Sodium - thallium - indium lamps filled with sodium, thallium and indium metal halides are available in a variety of specifications ranging from 250W to 2000W, with a color temperature of 4500 K and Ra of 65.They are used for outdoor lighting, mainly stadium lighting and decoration flood lighting.The color temperature of scandium - sodium lamp is 4000 K and Ra is 60.But scandium - sodium lamp requires constant power output of the ballast circuit.Mainly used for indoor and outdoor lighting.

Ceramic arc tube metal halide lamp

Because ceramic tubes can withstand higher temperatures and have extremely stable chemical properties, the metal halide lamps made of them not only have higher light efficiency and better light color, but also have stable color and longer lamp life.With a power of 35W, 70W, 150W and other specifications, ceramic metal halides can be used as general lighting or key lighting in stores, as well as in office halls and corridors, and outdoor decorative lighting.

Work characteristics

The metal halide lamp is started by a ballast. The lamp cannot be started immediately after it is put out because the air pressure in the lamp is too high. It can only be started again after 5-20 min.

Compared with high pressure mercury lamp, metal halide lamp in the power supply voltage fluctuation more than 10% will cause color changes, the bulb must work in the specified power range, the lamp can meet the requirements.The color characteristics of metal halide lamps depend largely on the temperature of the cold end of the arc tube and the working position of the lamp.