Methods of Modifying LED Lighting Optics

- Aug 16, 2019-

Lenses can be used to diffuse the light more evenly over a larger surface area. More advanced “TIR” lenses can be used to achieve even greater uniformity with how LED lighting is diffused over a particular surface. Further, some lenses will filter out different light wavelengths in order to create patterns or colors over different surfaces.

Reflectors that sit over an LED light come in different shapes and sizes, and either with or without a sub-lens that allows even greater diffusion of the light. Reflectors can have smooth or variegated interior surfaces to create different lighting optical effects or to concentrate or diffuse lighting in conjunction with an integrated lens. Holders are the simplest form of optics in LED lighting, as they do little more than sit on top of an LED fixture to mechanically block portions of the fixture’s light.     

The multiple options for optics in LED lighting have created new ways to generate and focus light onto specific areas and to optimize the benefits of that lighting for the underlying application.The increased intensity of PAR delivered to the plant canopy penetrates the canopy and reaches the lower levels of the cannabis plants, resulting in higher yields and a higher return on your LED investment.