Performance (Lighting Quality) of Paint Booth Lighting

- May 07, 2020-

Glare on the vehicle surface affect the vision of the spray worker. How to solve this problem by LED lights? First, we can use the lamps having built-in anti-glare lens to reduce the dazzling effect up to 60% when the lights shine on the reflective surface or cars or airplanes.

Another approach is to utilize indirect lighting. By facing the light to the ceiling instead of the ground, we can use to reflected light for the spray work. Hence, the workers have no need to frequently adjust their position to avoid the glare. This method also prevents the people from directly looking at the bright light.

How to light up the paint booth properly? Inadequate lighting leads to many undesirable outcomes. Appropriate lighting allows us to complete the work and spot the potential danger immediately.

The recommend brightness is around 300 lux. For each 100 sq. meters, we will need at least 100 * 300 = 30000 lumens (lm), which is equivalent to 30000 lm / 160 lm/W = 188W LED lights. For other dimension and brightness, please approach our engineer for further information.

After tackling the power, we also need to have a look at the uniformity. It indicates how the lights are evenly spread across the entire area. Poor lighting uniformity makes the spray worker uncomfortable.