Placement and Beam Angle of the Painting Room Lights

- May 09, 2020-

Placement and Beam Angle of the Lights

There are three installation method for the LED lights which are wall mount, ceiling mount and the combination of both. Since paint booth is usually spacious, wider beam angle is recommended. We have 120-degree beam angle LED lights to give the booth nice and even coverage. The general idea is that using larger angle light can enhance the uniformity. Surely it depends on the actual height and area of your paint booth.

High Color Rendering Index

To see the genuine color of the paint, we need to use lighting having high CRI. Sunlight is 100 because we can see the true color of the objects. Our LED lights have CRI up to 80 to 90 for spray workshop. And hence you have no need to worry about the colors are deviated outside the booth.

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