Safe Lighting Options for Parking Facilities

- Jul 09, 2019-

 A poorly-lit parking lot can create a bad first impression as a customer rushes through the darkness from his car and into the business, and can leave the customer feeling unsettled and ill at ease when he later returns to his car after conducting his business.can alleviate these negative impressions and can save a substantial amount of money for any business or a parking lot operator that manages a parking facility.

Outdoor parking lots have traditionally been illuminated by metal halide or high-pressure sodium fixtures that can scatter light indiscriminately, creating bright spots and dark areas in a parking lot. Moreover, the illumination level that is best for a shopping center parking lot will generally not be the same as the level for a commercial or apartment building. Covered parking facilities will also have different needs than open parking lots. Traditional fixtures are not easily adaptable to adjust to these different environments.

we provides the best light distribution control in all of these settings. LED fixtures are available in a broad range of light distribution patterns, from a type I distribution that generates a narrow, lateral light pattern, to type V that generates a broad circular light distribution. A parking lot designer can select different distribution types to keep a parking lot fully and broadly illuminated without affecting neighboring facilities and causing excess lighting pollution. LED lighting also improves contrast and overall visibility to create the safest and most secure parking lot environments.

our light is also more economically efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional outdoor lighting. LED system prices have fallen, in some cases, by up to 25% annually over the past five years with concurrent efficiency increases of more than 10% per year. LED luminaires provide, on average, more than 50,000 of continuous operations without requiring replacement. Parking lot operators will generally see a return on their investment in LED lighting in less than two or three years after installation. These are objective and measurable returns that a business will see in addition to improvements in goodwill among clients and customers, who will appreciate the enhanced sense of safety that they experience with LED parking lot lighting.

Regardless of how they are designed and engineered, parking lot lighting systems will always be subject to excess stress from environmental conditions, as well as the occasional careless driver. Current-generation LED systems are better able to withstand the stresses of temperature extremes and precipitation due to new heat-sink technology and lower-profile fixtures that reduce wind load forces on lighting standards. In the event of damage from a careless motorist, LED lights are easily repaired, as many parking lot LED systems are modular. This allows one light fixture to be repaired or replaced with no effect on other lights or light standards, which will continue to provide safe and effective lighting throughout the parking facility.