The defination of Luminace and Illuminance

- Dec 27, 2019-


Light the luminous intensity on unit in a given direction projection area called brightness, expressed with L, unit CD/m2 brightness is a feature of the surface light source, the surface light source is usually a reflective surface, can also be a shiny surface (such as the surface of the fluorescent lamp, or the surface of the box) it says the light-emitting surface is bright and light intensity, and apparently unrelated to observer the distance from the light source, light the greater the surface area of the greater the brightness, in order to accurately said features of the light, so the use of light intensity per unit area to represent how bright shiny surface.


he luminous flux per unit area to accept known as the intensity of illumination, expressed in E, unit lx (lux) popular point said, if 1 lumen flux uniform projection on the 1 square meters of area, then this is 1 lux intensity of illumination on the surface of the said could be do as objects as more bright, it is an important indicator in lighting design, lighting design in different places and different type of work requires different intensity of illumination