- Nov 18, 2019-

ED explosion-proof lamp is a kind of explosion-proof lamp, and its principle is the same as that of explosion-proof lamp, except that the light source is LED light source.

An LED explosion-proof lamp comprises a holding module, an electric control module, a heat dissipating module, a light emitting module, a covering module and an explosion-proof module. The holding module includes a body and a housing space formed inside the body with an opening. The body includes at least one bracing arm extended from the outer surface thereof horizontally or inclined against the body. The bracing arm has a coupling portion to couple with another LED explosion-proof lamp or for anchoring. The explosion-proof module is disposed in the coupling portion. The invention thus formed can be assembled and installed easily, and coupled in series with other LED explosion-proof lamps at various angles, hence can make the lamp set be configured in greater diversity and versatility.