The Quality of the LED Lifespan

- Jul 01, 2019-

LED lights may be preferred for indoor applications, including retail, school, and office locations, because of the color versatility of LED’s. Newer forms of LED lights can be color-tuned to optimize the environment in which they are installed. As with luminosity, however, the color spectrum from LED lights can become more limited over their useful lifespans. Retail lighting applications, in particular, are often tuned to generate the most flattering and inviting light that gives the best appearance to the retailer’s products. If color tuning is important in a lighting application, the site’s owners or operators should factor in a shorter lifespan for their LED applications.

No single calculation of an LED’s estimated lifespan can provide an answer that is applicable for every conceivable application. If you are planning to use LED’s in a new project or to retrofit LED lighting into an existing location, talk to our professional lighting consultants to determine an estimated lifespan that is specific to that project or location.