The Technology Behind Our Damp and Wet-Rated

- Aug 20, 2019-

For more than 15 years, Cary LED has produced LED lighting systems for the harshest commercial and industrial environments. Our damp and wet-rated LED light fixtures do more than just separate electrical components from ambient humidity. Our robust, next-generation engineering forms the foundation of several lines of LED lighting fixtures that include all-in-one designs, proprietary thermal management  with heat sink technology, and casings with a blend of copper and aluminum that resist corrosion. Moreover, we’ve ensured that our fixtures can operate efficiently in damp and wet locations.

Cary LED Damp and Wet Location Rated Fixtures

“Ingress Protection” or “IP” ratings are defined by international standards to classify the degree of protection that a system offers from solid objects, dust, collisions, or water and humidity. The first digit in the IP rating refers to a system’s ability to repel incursions by solids, and the second digit is specific to water.

An IP42 rating means that an LED fixture will repel solid objects with dimensions above one millimeter and dripping water when the fixture is tilted up to 15 degrees off vertical. An IP65 rating means that the LED fixture is dust tight and offers complete protection against contact, and that water projected against the fixture from any angle will have no adverse effect on it.  

All of Cary LED’s  damp and wet-rated LED light fixtures feature an integrated design, with components that were engineered as part of that design. By developing LED systems that are more than just combinations of disparate components, Cary LED has been able to engineer damp and wet-rated LED light fixtures that are long lasting and durable in high-stress environments. All of our damp and wet-rated LED fixtures have been certified with IP42 or IP65 ratings.