Trading Factories as Strategies for Display Makers to Focus on New Technology

- Sep 02, 2020-

Accelerating the development of new display technologies is the goal for worldwide display manufacturers and some of them have decided to sell or buy new facilities as a move to approach their target.

Samsung Display has sold its LCD factory in China to Chinese display maker CSOT, a company under TCL group, to further cut down its LCD capacity, which goes in line with Samsung’s plan to quit LCD business. By ending its LCD panel production, Samsung aims to expand its development in QD displays and OLED displays. The Korean giant has also reportedly to begin manufacturing Mini LED backlight TVs in 2021.

As Samsung is selling the LCD factory in China for US$ 1 billion, the company will have liquidity to increase investment for its developing technologies covering QDs, OLED and Mini LED.

Meanwhile, Sharp is taking over a LCD plant from JDI in Japan. Many believe that instead of increasing its capacity of LCD display for iPhone, Sharp is buying the factory to strengthen its Micro LED development. The company may set up research lines for Micro LED display in the plant.