- Aug 18, 2020-

Electric Heat Tracing

Industrial applications may be found in the oil and gas production and storage facilities, petrochemical plants, refineries, pharmaceutical production, power generation, water and waste treatment plants, food processing, plus many others. Solutions can be provided for freeze protection, or for temperature maintenance duties.

Frost protection

Heat tracing for frost protection ensures that a minimum temperature is not exceeded at any time. Application areas are often supply lines. If these supply lines freeze, it would not only result in interruption to production, but would also attract considerable damage to the entire pipeline system.

Temperature maintenance

Heat tracing systems for temperature maintenance have a wide range of applications. It ranges from the preservation of the fluidity of a medium to support for efficient production.

Heat up

Heating processes require a time-limited particularly high performance, such as when restarting a column or a reactor. Once the target temperature is reached, the power can be reduced to temperature maintenance level. 


The electrical heat tracing is the most efficient type of heating. The energy supply can be brought to any location with virtually no losses to be converted into heat.

If service is required, the area to be repaired is easily accessible and can be maintained with little effort after switching off the heating system.

Electrical heat tracing systems are easy to design and can be installed in a few simple steps.