What are the requirements of LED lamp selection for workshop lighting?

- Aug 24, 2017-

Most of the tall plant for the workshop lighting with LED miner's lamp requirements are not high, and more to consider the utilization of light and economic, so the general use of high-power workshop lighting led mining lamps.
LED Miner's lamp is refers to the use of LED light source, can be in the workshop, plant, warehouses, gas stations, toll stations, exhibition halls, gymnasiums and other lighting venues used in LED lighting lamps.
What are the requirements of the factory lighting before selecting the lighting fixtures in the workshop?
1, the choice of workshop lighting lamps must meet the production site on the average illuminance value;
2, the selected led miner's lamp must meet certain optical characteristics, such as light distribution, glare control;
3, to consider the economic nature, such as LED industrial lamp lighting efficiency, initial investment and long-term operating costs;
4, considering the environmental conditions, in the special environmental conditions, such as in the case of fire hazards, explosion hazards of the environment, etc., must be used with dust, explosion-proof type of lamps;
5, the selected led miner's lamp must be easy to install and maintain;
6, in special circumstances, the need to consider the shape of LED lamps and workshop lighting in the building coordination.
LED Miner's lamp is a larger range, different models and different specifications of LED mining lamps, its size is also different, LED mining lamp size is an important part of the LED miner's lamp specifications.
LED light attenuation refers to the normal use and before the use of luminous flux drops in the percentage of light loss is a very normal problem, the main difference is mainly the extent of wastage. Generally affects the LED product light decay problem many factors, mainly is the lamp chip and the heat dissipation question. High-quality LED chips are better derived from pin pins, and the temperature of the chip is too high to reduce the attenuation. Heat dissipation SHG series of lighting with copper tube heat, high-power aluminum substrate, thermal conductivity is basically 2.0.
In the purchase must be in advance to understand the LED lamp series parameters, the maximum reduction of light failure.