What is the difference between a cob light source and an led

- Apr 17, 2020-

COB light source is a high-efficiency integrated surface light source technology that is directly attached to the LED chip on the mirror metal substrate with high reflectance. This technology eliminates the concept of bracket, and there is no plating, no reflow welding and no SMT process, so the process is reduced by nearly one-third and the cost is also saved by one-third.

COB light source can be simply understood as a high power integrated surface light source, and the light output area and external size of the light source can be designed according to the product's external structure.

Product features: cheap, convenient,Electrical stability, circuit design, optical design, heat dissipation design scientific and reasonable

Adopt heat sink technology to ensure that LED has the industry leading heat lumen maintenance rate (95%).

To facilitate the secondary optical products, improve the quality of lighting. ;

High color rendering, uniform luminescence, no spot, health and environmental protection.

Simple installation, easy to use, reduce the difficulty of lamp design, save the lamp processing and subsequent maintenance costs.

LED lamp is an electroluminescent semiconductor material chip, with silver glue or white glue curing to the bracket, and then with silver or gold wire connection chip and circuit board, surrounded by epoxy resin seal, to protect the role of the internal core wire, the final installation of the shell, so the LED lamp seismic performance is good.