What should notice when installating led explosion proof light?

- Dec 02, 2019-

Before installation, the explosion-proof lamp shall check from the nameplate and the product specification: explosion-proof type, category, level and group; Protection class of the enclosure; Installation method and fastener requirements for installation, etc.

The installation of explosion-proof lamp should ensure that the fixation is reliable, the fastening bolt shall not be replaced arbitrarily, and the spring washer shall be complete. Dustproof, waterproof seal ring installation to be placed as is. At the cable inlet, the cable and seal gasket should be closely matched, the cable section should be round, and the sheath surface should not be concave and convex defects. The redundant inlet port shall be sealed according to the explosion-proof type, coated with 201 displacement type anti-rust oil, and the compression nut shall be tightened to seal the inlet port. Led explosion-proof lamp in the place of strong vibration, use anti-drop ring to prevent the lamp from falling off.


Eliminate dust and dirt on the shell of explosion-proof lamps regularly, improve the luminous efficiency and heat dissipation performance of lamps. Cleaning method can be according to the lamp housing protection ability, the use of water spray (marks on the lamp shade above) or wipe with a wet cloth. When water spray is cleaned, should cut off power, forbid to use dry cloth to scrub lamps and lanterns plastic shell (transparent piece), prevent to produce electrostatic.


Check whether the transparent parts have been foreign body impact marks, whether the protection net loose, off welding, corrosion, etc. If yes, it should be stopped, repaired and replaced in time.


If the light source is damaged, the light should be turned off in time and the replacement should be notified to avoid the abnormal state of the ballast and other electrical components for a long time due to the failure of the light source to start.


If there is any water in the lamp cavity of lamps used in damp environment, it should be removed in time and the sealing parts should be replaced to ensure the protective performance of the shell.


When opening lampshade, should press the requirement of warning sign, open cover after power off.


After opening the cover, please check whether the flameproof bonding surface is intact, whether the rubber seals become hard or sticky, whether the wire insulation layer is green and carbonized, and whether the insulation parts and electrical components have deformation and coke marks. If these problems are found, they should be repaired and replaced in time.


Apply a damp cloth (not too wet) to the light return and transparent parts of the luminaire before closing to improve the luminous effect of the luminaire. The flameproof bonding surface should be coated with a thin layer of 204-1 displacement anti-rust oil, pay attention to whether the sealing ring in the original position to seal.


The sealing part of the luminaire shall not be removed and opened frequently. Patented road sealing technology; More in line with the national new explosion-proof technology.