180W Ex Db Op LED Flood Lights

Here is our ATEX LED hazardous locations flood light you might be interested in.This model has got UL 844 and DLC, they are mainly used in CI,D1 / CI D2 / CII D1&2 / CIII.This model has wide power rating, the maximum lamp wattage up to 200W and the total lumens is 22000, of course,we can make custom products according to your needs.

Product Details

Product Name: 180W Ex db op LED Flood Lights

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Key features:

  1. About light distribution angle, we have 30x30 / 60x60 / 90x90 / 120x120 for your option.

  2. All of our products are professional light distribution and uniform illumination, so they are suitable for all kind of needs.

  3. We provide 5 years warranty.

  4. With high effective heat dissipation system, our lights can be used in high temperature areas up to 65 degree Celsius.

  5. Our lights are water-proof and dust-proof, the minimum protection level is IP66. 

  6. The body of this flood light is solid with high quality aluminum, we have got IK10.

  7. have got ATEX/CE-EMC/CE-LVD/RoHS certificates.They are widely used in zone 1/ zone 2 with explosion proof gas and zone 21/ zone 22 with combustible dust, such as petroleum, metallurgy, oil and gas station and other hazardous locations.

Technical pages:

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About our company:

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Beam angle:

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Ralated information about explosion proof light:

LED explosion-proof lamp is a kind of explosion-proof lamp, its principle is the same as explosion-proof lamp, but the light source is LED light source, refers to in order to prevent ignition of the surrounding explosive mixture such as explosive gas environment, explosive dust environment, gas and other specific measures taken by the lamps. LED explosion-proof lamp is currently the most energy-saving explosion-proof lamps, widely used in oil fields - power plants - chemical plants - petroleum - military.

One of the very important explosion protection principles of LED explosion-proof lamps is to limit the temperature of shell surface, parts surface or electronic components surface in contact with explosive gas and dust, and limit the temperature of electrical contact surface below its minimum ignition temperature or ignition temperature. LED explosion-proof lamps for outdoor use require the use of waterproof drive. LED explosion-proof lights used in gas stations need to be shock-proof!