ATM With Disinfecting LED Light For Safer Withdraw And Deposit

- Jul 30, 2020-

Germicidal LEDs have been wide deployed home appliances such as washing machine and air conditioners for disinfecting function, aiming to prevent the spread of disease especially at the time when COVID-19 still pose threats to the world. To address the disinfecting demands across the globe, Hyosung America, an ATM supplier, announced a disinfection kits for its products to help fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and to help ease consumers’ safety concerns with using ATMs.

Starting this fall, the company will equip the disinfection upgrade kits for its ATMs with features of silver ion antimicrobial touchscreen and keypad, plus “violet blue LED sterilization lights.”

The violet blue LED lights that Hyosung will use, according to the company, are not UV light which harms people with direct exposure but still provide 99% sterilization. Although the specification of the LEDs were not disclosed, they could be the far UVC LEDs with wavelengths of 222 nm.

Utilizing silver ion technology, which provides a 99.9% microbe growth reduction rate, and germicidal LED light to disinfect the touchpoints of ATMs, Hyosung is dedicating to offer better protection for the ATM users.