Best Lighting Inside Warehouse Improve Workplace Safety And Logistic Efficiency

- May 22, 2020-

Best Warehouse Lighting Design

1. Ground Lux Level & Lighting Standard of Warehouse Floor

The indoor environment should have adequate lux level to guarantee worker’s safety. If the lights are dim, the forklift drivers might not be able to see their colleague and lead to tragic accident. The brightness level should be around 200 to 300 lux in loading and unpacking area, and 100 lux in storage unit.

2. Lighting Uniformity

Some may omit the lighting uniformity requirement. Imagine if the area is full of dim and bright spot, the workers’ eye may feel uncomfortable and their productivity will decrease. Most importantly, this improper lighting will cause industrial accident because the workers cannot see clearly the heavy-duty vehicles and he uneven ground. By using the lighting simulation software DIALux, the ground lux level inside warehouse can be estimated before the installation

3. Light Distribution of Warehouse

Type I lighting distribution is suitable for aisle because it offers oval and narrow illumination. This type of distribution optimizes the use of symmetrical, longitudinal lights and reduce the use of unnecessary luminaries. If the position of the lighting fixtures is not at the center of the aisle, we will need type II distribution, which gives asymmetric ground illumination.

4. Luminary Spacing Inside the Storage Unit

Before designing the lighting inside warehouse, we need to look at the distance between the rack and the height of ceiling and plan the proper lighting arrangement. If the luminaries are placed just above the rack, majority of lights will be blocked and the shadow will be significant. To achieve the best outcome, our lighting designer will observe the floor plan of your storage unit, and then decide the unique lighting arrangement.

5. Types of High Bay Lights

We offer flood lights, light bar, light tube and solar lights for loading area, logistic center and other areas inside warehouse. We design the best lighting solution for your application.

6. Control System of Warehouse Lights

Our warehouse lighting supports DMX and DALI system, which gives user-friendly control of brightness. We can also group the luminaries and turn them on/off at once. Photosensor can also be used to dynamically adjust the brightness if the indoor environment is too dim or bright.