Best Smart Light Bulbs For 2020

- Sep 29, 2020-

As it turns out, the cheapest smart light bulb is one of the best smart lights. We’re speaking of the Wyze Bulb from Seattle startup Wyze Labs, which you can pick up directly from the company’s website at $8 each, plus shipping. With Wi-Fi radios built into each bulb, you won’t need any extra hub hardware plugged into your router to use them or to connect them with Alexa, the Google Assistant or IFTTT. Just screw them in, turn them on, pair them with the Wyze mobile app and bask in the glow of dirt-cheap smart light. Beyond being ridiculously cheap, these things are pretty darned good bulbs, too. For starters, each one offers a full spectrum of white-light color temperature settings ranging from warm and candle-like to hot, white daylight tones. No other bulb that retails for less than $20 can offer that, let alone a bulb that retails for less than $10. On top of that, Wyze bulbs are some of the brightest we’ve tested, ranging from 880 to 921 lumens depending on what color temperature you’ve got them set to.

Philips Hue White Floodlight LED

There aren’t as many smart floodlights as classic, A-shaped smart LED bulbs, but options are growing. That includes a significant new addition from Philips Hue, which recently released a floodlight version of the popular Hue White smart LED bulb. We like the Philips Hue White floodlight for all of the same reasons we like the regular bulb. It’s bright, it’s efficient, it’s affordable — and it’s part of a very good smart lighting system that works with everything. Like the rest of Hue’s new bulbs, the new floodlight uses both Bluetooth and Zigbee, so you can skip the Hue Bridge and just pair directly with your smartphone or with Alexa or Google if that’s all you want. Best Buy sells single LED bulbs for $20 and a two-pack for $35.

Lifx Mini LED

We think Lifx lights belong at the top of your list if you’re looking to add a smart pop of color to your home’s lighting systems. The brand sells a variety of bulbs and smart lights that put out bright, great-looking colors, all of which can connect with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant with no need for a hub. At $37 each, the Lifx Mini is your least expensive way in. Despite the Mini branding, it’s actually brighter than Philips Hue’s color-changing bulb, and the colors are as vivid as they come, outshining every competitor that we’ve tested. The full-featured app is a bright spot, too, with easy control of your lights with a convenient color dial and lots of nice extras like animated effects and an auto-scheduling Day & Dusk mode.