Characteristics Of Lighting Places

- Jan 14, 2020-

In the factory lighting, what kind of lamps and lanterns to use, is also determined by the use of the environment, if the workshop humidity is larger, the need to use waterproof lamps and lanterns; And inside the workshop with much dust, must use dustproof lamps and lanterns. In these cases, the use of the lamps and lanterns of the IP level for careful selection. When choosing lamps and lanterns, consider the requirement of safety protection even. For example, for the lamp that the person can touch, should have very good anti - shock protection performance. And to inflammable and explosive occasion, should use explosion-proof lamps and lanterns.

Factory lighting requirements

Lighting factory involves a wide range of venues and homework, both in the small workshop for fine processing, and heavy industry in the tall building and the inflammable and explosive dangerous places, such as activities, lighting workers must according to different places and work nature, carries on the corresponding design, provide staff with comfortable and economic illumination, help maximize productivity, reduce accidents and protect the health of workers.