City Saves 50% Electricity Cost With LED Streetlights

- Jul 31, 2020-

Belo Horizonte, one of Brazil’s largest cities, is realizing 50% electricity cost savings by upgrading 182,000 streetlights with new LEDs. The new LED lights also improve the safety of the citizens on the streets of Belo Horizonte.

The LED upgrade project is part of Brazil's first major public lighting public-private partnership between Belo Horizonte Iluminaçao Publica (BHIP) and Signify. The project started in 2017 with a survey of all the public light points, providing information of each street and scheduling their timely delivery and installation. Until now, 90% of the installation has been completed.

With the upgraded LED streetlights, the municipality has saved over 50% in electricity costs as LEDs are more energy efficient than conventional luminaires. This is the equivalent amount of electricity used by an estimated 34,000 Brazilian households in a year. On top of that, the city will be able to realize cost savings in maintenance work and materials as the streetlights last five times longer than conventional streetlights.

“This project goes far beyond simply providing the product. Signify has been working with the city for over two years to deliver the best quality and performance of this project,” says Sérgio Costa, Country Leader & General Manager, Signify Brazil. “High-quality street lighting offers a range of opportunities for both the city and the people such as safety, better-lit public spaces and energy efficiency.”

The new LED streetlights are from the Road line series and are all manufactured at Signify’s factory in Varginha, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The installation covers an area of 6 square kilometers The streetlights at the big avenues are equipped with remote management services, making it easier for BHIP to manage the streetlights