Colour Rendering Index Of Led Explosion Proof Light

- Dec 26, 2019-

A parameter representing the degree to which the mental color of an object irradiated by a light source corresponds to the mental color of the object irradiated by a standard light source under certain conditions.The international standard for normal daylight is 100.

What it represents is the degree of color fidelity of the color photograph taken by shining the object with this light source. The higher the color rendering index, the less color distortion.In plain language, color rendering index refers to the degree of all sorts of color in the light source the light, if all sorts of color are included, and the proportion of each color of light in accordance with heat emitting light from the object of the proportion of all sorts of color of light, the color rendering index is 100%, if the light which the photosource sends out aftertransmits the lack of some colors of light (or any), or the proportion of all sorts of color of light is not appropriate, color rendering index is low, the more deviation exalts color index is lower.

Daylight undoubtedly has the highest color rendering index at 100;

Incandescent lamp (including ordinary incandescent lamp and halogen tungsten lamp) belongs to thermoluminescent light source, also 100;

The general color rendering index of metal halide lamp is 85 ~ 88.

The color rendering index of fluorescent lamp is 70 ~ 80.

The color index of energy-saving fluorescent lamp and high-pressure mercury lamp is 40 ~ 65.

High pressure sodium lamp is close to the monochromatic light, color index is very low, less than 40;