Current, Powered By GE, Installs LED Lighting In 32 GM Facilities

- Aug 24, 2017-

Two historic U.S. "generals" are joining forces to combat energy inefficiency and wasted productivity across the globe. Over the last year, General Motors (GM) installed 45,000 LED lighting fixtures with motion sensors from Current, GE's digital energy startup. The installation includes 32 GM sites around the world and reduces lighting related energy consumption by 60%, saving the company an estimated $2.3 million in annual energy costs.

Current's connectivity-capable LEDs open the door to future productivity and energy management possibilities.

"We manage many energy-intensive operations as an automaker, so energy efficiency is critical and integrated into our business plan," said Al Hildreth, global energy manager for FM. "Current's LED lighting has helped us reduce power demand by seven megawatts. GM will continue to pursue a variety of energy-saving technologies to achieve additional cost savings and carbon reduction."

GM is committed to reducing energy intensity 20% by 2020 using a 2010 baseline; to date, the company has reduced its energy 14%. GM uses other GE software solutions to improve inline scheduling and production monitoring, as well as data collection for existing energy systems.