Detroit Becomes Largest City In America Completely Lit With LED Streetlights

- Aug 24, 2017-

DETROIT - After three years of work, the gargantuan effort to install 65,000 LED streetlights across the city was completed Thursday when the final stretch of lights to be replaced were turned on near the intersection of Riopelle and Atwater streets, just outside of downtown.

Knocking out the prior, often-out-of-service system that plagued Detroit's streets for a generation was the handiwork of the Public Lighting Authority, which was created in 2013 to design and implement the new lighting network.

The authority, with the backing of Mayor Mike Duggan, saw to the completion of the project one year ahead of its original schedule, also managing to fly in under the allotted budget.

Gathered near the final section of streetlights to be lit, lighting authority officials, Duggan and a White House official spoke Thursday evening about the effort to re-light the streets of Detroit, celebrating the achievement that started with the city's darkest ZIP codes on the far east and far west sides in February 2014.