Devepment Of Led Explosion Proof Light --- Fluorescent Lamp

- Jan 08, 2020-

main components

The main components of tubular fluorescent lamp are bubble shell, phosphor coating, electrode, filling gas and lamp holder.

blister pack

The bubble shell of ordinary fluorescent powder is made of sodium-calcium glass, the diameter of the lamp tube is 11 ~ 38mm, the length is 150 ~ 2400mm, the corresponding lamp power is 4 ~ 125W.The most common standardized tube diameters are 5/8 in (16mm), 1 in (26mm), and 1 1/2 in (38mm).The usual tube lengths are 2 ft (600mm), 4 ft (1200mm) and 5 ft (1500mm).Common fluorescent lamps are straight tubes that can be bent into rings or other shapes as needed.

Phosphor coating

Phosphors not only determine the color temperature and color rendering of the lamp, but also determine the luminous efficiency of the lamp to a large extent.Now there are three kinds of phosphors:

Halogenated phosphors can be made into fluorescent lamps with various color temperatures from 2500 to 7500 K.The lamp made of halogenated phosphor has less radiation in the red area, which makes the color rendering of the lamp poor.

Three kinds of narrow-band phosphors are rare earth phosphors, which can produce narrow spectral bands in the blue, green and red regions of the spectrum respectively.High performance fluorescent lamps with various forms of color temperature can be made by using different ratio of tri-band phosphor.These are not only high light efficiency, but also good color rendering, Ra can reach more than 80.Because this kind of fluorescent powder still has the ability of resisting high temperature and withstanding strong short wave ultraviolet radiation, it is used widely in the fluorescent lamp of fine tube diameter.

When fluorescent lamp adopts multiple fluorescent lamps, the fluorescent powder can produce multiple spectral bands to cover the whole visible light region.Among all kinds of fluorescent lamps, this kind of multi-fluorescent lamp has the best color rendering, with Ra as high as 95 ~ 98

lamp holder

A tubular fluorescent lamp has a lamp holder at each end. Fluorescent lamps for which the filament needs to be heated have two contacts at each end of the lamp holder.

main type

According to its starting mode, there are preheating type, quick type, and instant type.

light effect

The electrode losses of fluorescent lamps with different power are different when the working frequency is different.When high frequency can produce more ultraviolet ray to excite fluorescent lamp, make the luminous efficiency of lamp is improved.

In addition to the fluorescent powder used to determine the light efficiency of fluorescent lamps, but also with two other factors, namely the ambient temperature and power frequency has a close relationship.

When the ambient temperature is around 25℃, the light output of the fluorescent lamp is the maximum, and when it is above or below the optimal temperature of 15 ~ 35℃, the light output also decreases accordingly.

At high frequency (≥10 kHz), the power frequency increases the light efficiency by about 10%.


The fluorescent lamp that illuminates USES commonly has warm white, white, cold white and solar color.

Optical output maintenance characteristics

After the fluorescent lamp is lit for 8000 hours, the light flux of the lamp will drop to 70% ~ 80% of the initial value. The wall of the lamp tube (especially the end of the lamp tube) will turn black, which will affect the light output.