Gas Line Explosion Kills Three, Injures 28 In Thailand

- Nov 12, 2020-


According to a statement posted by PTT, the explosion occurred after a natural gas leak from one of its pipelines carrying gas through a residential area to an industrial site. The fire and explosion happened at around 12:55 local time and a preliminary inspection by PTT found 28 injured and three dead. PTT expressed its condolences and said it would take responsibility for the incident.

The Bangkok Post reports that two elderly women were among the deceased. Footage posted online shows the moments after the blast and people running from burning homes. A nearby school was also affected.

Local police said that 28 people were injured in the blast and were taken to six local hospitals. Four houses were badly damaged and another 12 suffered some damage. The Bangkok Post quotes local residents as saying they witnessed a construction vehicle filling in land near to the pipeline before the explosion.

Between 40-50 fire engines attended the scene and the blaze was brought under control after a few hours.

PTT said that a full investigation would begin immediately.