General Factors To Be Understood In Factory Lighting Design

- Jan 17, 2020-

At the beginning of the design work, be sure to understand some relevant information and data through various means, you can ask the customer (manager, lighting management engineer, electrician, workshop director, team leader), also can be on-site survey records.If not, the service center is required to provide relevant information, data and photos.In general, the following factors must be understood:

Nature of working environment: machine shop?Electronic assembly shop?Or the stamping shop?In order to determine which light color to choose the light source (cool color/warm color), so as to improve work efficiency;

For color rendering requirements: according to the nature of the workplace whether have higher request for the color of the object recognition, whether to need to identify the color of the mechanical equipment and processing components, light source color rendering will affect the efficiency of work, will affect operators' psychology, for example in the assembly workshop installation color rendering index is too low and high pressure mercury lamp can make the atmosphere is quiet.At this point should choose the color index higher light source.

Factory temperature environment: for example, low temperature cold storage should not use fluorescent lights, because it is not easy to start, steel mills must ensure that the ballast operating temperature does not exceed its maximum allowable temperature;

Factory environment: what about humidity?Is it dusty?Thus determine the IP level of lamps;

For on-site information, prepare a notebook, illuminator, tape measure, camera (preferably a digital camera) to record the information, or prepare a survey form before going to the customer.