Get The Most Use Of Led Light Upgrade

- Jul 26, 2019-

 LED lights contribute directly to lower utility bills and reduced maintenance costs over the life of a system, and those savings go directly to a business’s bottom line. With a bit of planning, a business can get even more benefits out of an LED upgrade.

First, rather than just replacing existing fixtures with LED lights, conduct a survey of the business’s interior and exterior lighting requirements. Simply replacing existing fixtures with LED’s on a one-for-one basis might result in areas that are too brightly lit. Keep in mind that LED’s have better directional lighting control. You may be able to get good lighting with ideal uniformity by using fewer fixtures. Talk to a lighting consultant to create the best LED lighting plan for your business. You might spend a bit more upfront, but you will get a better and more efficient product in the process.

Determine whether any existing fixtures are experiencing extreme environmental and other stresses and replace them with LED fixtures that are designed to handle those stresses. Fixtures that are exposed to heavy precipitation or caustic chemicals might corrode, and lights in very hot environments can experience degradation in their lighting quality over time. Some newer LED fixtures and luminaires are sealed against moisture and precipitation. Others incorporate special mechanisms to dissipate heat. Select upgraded fixtures and luminaires that are the right fit for their environments.

Next, consider adopting an advanced control system for the entire array of lights. LED’s come to full illumination almost immediately after being powered on. This feature eliminates the need for any warmup time and, with an advanced control panel, you can turn on individual fixtures or specific combinations of fixtures instantaneously. Newer LED’s also have special dimming capabilities, as well as color control and variation. If you anticipate needing special lighting options in any part of your business, install LED systems that can create those options while you are doing the upgrade.

To save additional money, look for federal and state incentives that can reduce your tax burden when you upgrade to LED lights. Although most of those incentives have expired, a few state and local incentives may still be available to give you credit for installing energy-efficient lighting systems. If tax incentives are not available, consider publicizing your LED upgrade as a means to show your business’s commitment to energy conservation and environmental concerns. 
Lastly, do not forget the effect of improved lighting on your business’s employees. With advanced control systems, LED’s can be tuned to generate certain wavelengths of light that improve employee moods and contribute to their alertness, particularly in darker winter months that are common in northern parts of the country. Employees will also experience less eyestrain and fatigue, which can reduce accidents and downtime in your business.