LED Engin Launches Comprehensive Range Of Grow Lights

- Aug 24, 2017-

LED Engin, a manufacturer of high flux density LED products, announces the market's most comprehensive range of high-power color and white LED emitters for horticultural lighting. Alongside the typical colors used in horticultural applications (Blue 450nm, Deep Red 660nm and Far Red 740nm), the company is adding custom solutions that include 3 new direct colors (Violet 415nm, Royal Blue 436nm and Cyan 500nm), a phosphor-converted green and full white CCT options (2200K-6500K). Together with the already vast selection of standard LED emitters spanning from UV 365nm to Infrared 940nm and unrivaled packaging technology, this means all types of purpose-built lighting solutions can be easily created to deliver optimized spectra for improved crop productivity.

Innovation Extends the Lumen Extraction Limits of RGB and White LEDs in Excess of 53%
This new technology has been studied over the last 6 years with a group of researchers under Dr. Mehmet Arik of Ozyegin University who has over 17 years of experience including 11 years at GE Global Research Laboratories in New York, USA. While conventional LED packages consist of silicone-phosphor mixture over the chip, causing some significant optical losses due to refractive index mismatching, local heat transfer as well as local phosphor heating issues; EVATEG's novel idea enhances the light extraction by appliying the phosphor away from the chip with remote coating under glass dome and decreases the junction temperature with optothermal liquid cooling technologies. The system an extensive comparison between the baseline (conventional LED packages) with air filled, fully silicone cured and optothermal fluid filled seperately has shown an increase over the lumen output as %23, %40 and %53 over the baseline respectively.